Youth Revive Programs

Youth Revive offers programs to empower youth in civic knowledge, civic motivation, civic deposition, civic skills, and college readiness.

Ignite Me in Schools

Youth Revive provides character and civic education in schools to help close the civic empowerment gap for youth in low-income communities.

Community Action Project Day

Youth Revive’s Community Action Project Day is like a science fair! CAP Day is the capstone for all students participating in our semester long Ignite Me Program.

Citizen Redefined

In the Citizen Redefined program, youth engage in self-reflection, reckon with moral tensions in American history, make sense of the current state of our democracy, and develop the skills, confidence, and conviction to live as responsible citizens. A culminating Civic Confirmation rite-of-passage ceremony marks their movement into civic adulthood!

Civic Saturdays

We’re partnering with Citizen University to host Civic Saturday, a faith gathering designed to bring us together to practice civic discourse and community.

Held throughout the year on Saturday mornings, this is a time to connect with each other as a community and discuss how to put the ideas shared into practice.