Ignite Me Action Civics

Our project-based learning, Ignite Me Action Civics curriculum, provides character and civic education to bridge the civic empowerment gap for youth in low-income communities.

Ignite Me in Schools

Youth Revive provides character and civic education in schools to help close the civic empowerment gap for youth in low-income communities.

Ignite Me in Community

We recently launched Ignite Me in Community, where we create partnerships with community institutions, associations, agencies, and individuals to provide our action civic curriculum.

Ignite Me Mentoring

Youth Revive is a Christ centered non-profit organization. Our mentoring program has five precepts: empowerment, choice, identity, community, and positive values.

These precepts are the ethical cornerstones on which our program was built. These are the qualities we wish to see not only in our mentors, but embodied in our students as positive citizens and soon to be professionals. 

Community Action Project Day

Youth Revive’s Community Action Project Day is like a science fair! CAP Day is the capstone for all students participating in our semester long Ignite Me Program.

Civic Saturdays

We’re partnering with Citizen University to host Civic Saturday, a faith gathering designed to bring us together to practice civic discourse and community.

Held throughout the year on Saturday mornings, this is a time to connect with each other as a community and discuss how to put the ideas shared into practice.

Youth Revive Apparel

Youth Revive Apparel is a social enterprise of Youth Revive, Inc. With every purchase you help us close the Civic Empowerment Gap.

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