Mentorship Application

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A Youth Revive mentor is expected to accompany the mentee, a high school student to a total of 8 Youth Revive seminars and workshops. A mentor will be expected to check in on the mentee weekly, either by phone call or text. They will also be expected to have 1 in-person meeting with the mentee per month. The mentor is to be someone who the mentee can look up to as an individual and consult for professional advice.​

Youth Revive is a Christ centered non-profit organization. Our mentoring program has five precepts: empowerment, choice, identity, community, and positive values. These precepts are the ethical cornerstones on which our program was built. These are the qualities we wish to see not only in our mentors, but embodied in our students as positive citizens and soon to be professionals.

We request that all potential mentors commit to a minimum of two years of mentoring, be at least 21 years of age or older, and have no violent or drug and alcohol charges for a minimum of three years. 

Before beginning, please set aside ample time to complete the detailed application in its entirety.  Once you begin, you are unable to stop and return to where you left off. Please fill out every single blank on the application and hit the Submit button for proper submission. Once submitted, a “thank you” will pop up confirming form submission.

To apply:

  • Fill out the application form below.

  • Review our core values.   

  • Applicants should also submit 2 references (refer to online form).

  • If your application has been approved, we will follow up to schedule an interview with you.

Mentorship Application

Please read the following statement carefully before agreeing: I, the undersigned, hereby agree to hold Youth Revive Inc and all persons or organizations connect with Youth Revive Inc harmless from liability. I hereby release Youth Revive Inc to obtain information from my references, and agree to hold harmless from liability any person or organization that provided information concerning me to Youth Revive Inc. I understand that all information gathered will be kept confidential. I agree that all information in this application is true. I understand that the information collected in this form will be used to conduct a background check, and I authorize representatives of Youth Revive Inc to conduct state and federal background checks. I understand that Youth Revive Inc is a Christ centered non-profit organization. I agree to with the core values and the five precepts of the mentoring program. I understand that throughout my time volunteering with Youth Revive Inc., I will be held accountable through monthly phone and or email conversations with Youth Revive Mentor Coordinator and/or other staff. If a mentor breaks policy or is no longer capability of adhering to the duties required of the role, the mentor may be asked to relinquish their responsibilities given review of the circumstances.

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