Ignite Me Mentoring

Youth Revive is a Christ centered non-profit organization. Our mentoring program has five precepts: empowerment, choice, identity, community, and positive values.

These precepts are the ethical cornerstones on which our program was built. These are the qualities we wish to see not only in our mentors, but embodied in our students as positive citizens and soon to be professionals. 

Become a Mentor

A Youth Revive mentor is expected to accompany the mentee to a total of 8 Youth Revive seminars and workshops. A mentor will be expected to check in on the mentee weekly, either by phone call or text.They will also be expected to have 1 in-person meeting with the mentee per month. The mentor is to be someone who the mentee can look up to as an individual and consult for professional advice.

We request that all potential mentors commit to a minimum of two years of mentoring, be at least 21 years of age or older, and have no violent or drug and alcohol charges for a minimum of three years.

Mentoring matters

“Young people who face an opportunity gap but have a mentor are 55% more likely to be enrolled in college than those who did not have a mentor.”

The Mentoring Effect, 2014

Youth Revive’s Mentoring Process


If you have any questions about the process of becoming a Youth Revive mentor, please contact us via email at info@youthrevive.org.

Step 1

Attend Experience Mentoring Online

During Experience Mentoring with Youth Revive, you will hear our vision and what your role as a mentor will entail. This is where you get the answers to all of your questions about life as a Youth Revive Mentor!

Step 2

Complete our Mentor Application

You’ve attended Experience Mentoring with Youth Revive online. Now you’re ready to complete our Mentor Application

Step 3

Interview with Mentor Coordinator

Once your application is approved, the next step is to interview with a Youth Revive Mentor Coordinator. Our staff will reach out to you in order to set up your interview.

Step 4

Background Check and Training 

Youth Revive will conduct a background check. If your background check is clear, we will provide you with a link to a one hour sexual abuse training video after completing your application. Immediately following the video, complete the simple online quiz.

Step 5

Get matched to your Mentee

After completing your safety training and background check, you will be matched with a mentee! One of goals is to give our students tools for career and college readiness, so you will be matched with a student who we believe you can be an asset to professionally.  

Step 6

Attend your first workshop with a Mentee

Youth Revive hosts two workshops per academic semester. As a mentor, you will be expected to accompany your mentee to these workshops. Your first workshop together will mark the official start of your mentor-mentee relationship!

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