Ignite Me in Schools

Youth Revive provides character and civic education in schools to help close the civic empowerment gap for youth in low-income communities.

Youth Revive facilitators lead students from through our 12-week project-based Ignite Me Action Civics curriculum. This happens during the traditional school day directly in the classroom.

Our Partner Schools

“I learned more about police brutality and its causes. I am really passionate about police brutality because of how big of an issue it is in my community of South Dallas. I learned there are certain streets in South Dallas that have more instances of police violence than others, such as the intersection around Cedar Crest and South Malcolm X Blvd. I love the Ignite Me program because we did a variety of different activities, it was never the same thing.”

M’Tia Tench, Lincoln High School, Ignite Me Alumni

Our 6 Phase Framework

Through our in-school community based character education program IGNITE ME,  we provide youth with a communal, socially healthy environment that leads to a change in thinking and behavior.

The Ignite Me Action Civics curriculum is comprised of six critical components that allow us to engage students around civics and character education.

PHASE 1: Analyze community assets and issues

First, students analyze the assets and problem areas within their schools, communities, cities, or the nation.

PHASE 2: Identify key issues through root-cause analysis

Next, youth identify personally relevant issues, focusing on the most salient issue.

PHASE 3: Research for evidence

Then, students conduct primary and secondary research to find evidence for their issue and propose solutions.

PHASE 4: Propose solutions

Then, youth begin to plan out their proposed solution while thinking through various tactics and developing strategies for action.

PHASE 5: Develop an action plan

Next, youth draft a plan to take collective action on an issue and root cause. Students prepare to present their action plan and practice for C.A.P. Day.

PHASE 6: Present at C.A.P. Day

Youth present their projects at C.A.P. Day, the program’s capstone event. Youth identify potential community partners for the implementation of the solution to the identified issue. They also receive feedback on their presentations.

“My community issue was highway littering and I learned a lot through the Ignite Me program about this issue, such as how to adopt a highway, how to clean a highway and how to tell people to stop littering. I learned a lot from C.A.P. Day, it taught me how to speak to grown adults and how to professionally present.”

Dayleon Spencer, Roosevelt High school, Ignite Me Alumni

Partnering with teachers in the classroom​

Our school partners allow us to offer programming 90 minutes once a week for a semester to students during classes such as History, Government, Sociology, and Psychology.

“The Youth Revive program has been a true asset in my classroom. The use of the Ignite Me Curriculum is truly enhanced with the presence of the teacher partnership in the classroom. The facilitator takes time to actually get to know my kids and helps them to identify their personal strengths. I really enjoy the concentration on community awareness, which helps the kids to identify areas of interest, and motivates the kids to want to be more civically involved. The curriculum also enhances the standards I need to teach for our Early College Program. Last year, I really saw my students grow in their presentation and speaking skills, but more importantly, in their character development. The kids truly enjoyed their weekly meetings, which is always a plus, but more importantly, they gained a sense of personal accountability, with regard to their communities.”

Gwendolen R. Ensley, M.Ed.     

Methods of Academic and Personal Success (M.A.P.S.) Instructor, Lincoln HS and Humanities/Communications Magnet B-Tech.

“Youth Revive has not only been instrumental to my students within the classroom, but also for their community as well. My students are able to be hands on and have an actual say for the area they live in. The presentation and research skills taught and utilized by Youth Revive have been helpful not only for Ignite Me projects; but also for classroom standard curriculum.  The Ignite Me Action Civics curriculum is interesting, exciting, & easy to follow and understand for my freshman students.”

Kara Crayton-Davidson 

Methodology of Academic and Personal Success- Instructor, Wilmer-Hutchins Collegiate Academy

“As a 9th grade teacher I absolutely love the skills my students gain from participating in the Youth Revive Ignite Me program. It gives them the tools and knowledge necessary to become true agents of change in their neighborhoods and communities. While participating in the program, I get to hear students discuss problems within their communities and work together to create innovative solutions to their unique problems. As students go through the program it’s amazing to see them develop critical thinking, public speaking and research skills. After interacting with and learning from Youth Revive, I see my students really stepping up to the plate and tackling tough issues through different forms of civic involvement like volunteering or joining different organizations on campus. I cannot recommend Youth Revive enough!”

Ariel Proctor

Practical Writing Teacher, L.G. Pinkston Preparatory Collegiate Academy

Youth Revive, Inc. is an official partner of Dallas ISD. Youth Revive, Inc. has provided stellar support to Roosevelt H-TECH for four years and counting. Youth Revive, Inc. personnel engage with Roosevelt H-TECH students weekly during Social Studies. Through their Ignite Me curriculum, students are guided to understand what a community is, how they have a voice in their community, and how their voice has the potential to be a positive change agent.   Students select a topic of concern in his/her community and create an action plan to address the problem.  Students then have the opportunity to present their plan to a panel of judges during a competition. This entire experience teaches our students how to plan, work collaboratively with a team, speak publicly, and how to communicate in a professional environment. The students of Roosevelt H-TECH grow tremendously with Youth Revive’s support. Youth Revive is a source of empowerment and potential for civic improvement and action!

Ashley A. Duncan

Collegiate Administrator, Roosevelt H-Tech @ Dallas Community College

As a Coordinator at The “Great” James Madison P-TECH Academy, it has been an undeniably positive experience partnering up with Youth Revive. Through their uncanny efforts to engage our scholars and spark community and student dialogue through various programs like Ignite Me and CAP Day, we have found that our scholars in the P-TECH Academy are far more equipped to serve our community with innovative ideas that could transform society! Thanks, Youth Revive!!!!

Kimberly Evans, M.Ed

Coordinator, The “Great” James Madison P-Tech

I have been using Youth Revive, Inc. over 10 years with students in Dallas ISD. They have provided consistent quality youth prevention and intervention services. Over the last 4 years the Community Action Program has been “the icing on the cake,” by adding another quality component to ignite our youth when it comes to community issues.

Velisha L. Mitchell

Workplace Learning Coordinator, Lincoln B-TECH ECHS


Having Youth Revive, Inc. as an engaging Industry Partner at Pinkston H-TECH is quite rewarding for the character development of our students. Through its Ignite Me Action Civics Program, our students developed strong leadership skills that prepared them to be change agents in their school and local community during their first year of high school. Our students value the mentoring opportunity with local officials and community leaders on their chosen topic while creating an action plan to address real issues affecting their community. In addition, the skills learned help build students confidence and leadership. Our students are ready for the world.

Kendra Armstong

Workplace Learning Coordinator, L. G. Pinkston Preparatory Collegiate Academy