Citizen Redefined

In the Citizen Redefined program, teenagers engage in self-reflection, reckon with moral tensions in American history, make sense of the current state of our democracy, and develop the skills, confidence, and conviction to live as responsible citizens. A culminating Civic Confirmation rite-of-passage ceremony marks their movement into civic adulthood!

Reviving faith in democracy—and building the commitment to tackle challenges facing our country—takes more than just knowledge of how a bill becomes a law. It requires curiosity, mutuality, and responsibility.

With ritual and reflection, grappling and growing, this is a civic coming-of-age experience.

The Goals of Citizen Redefined

By equipping young people with the skills and practices of powerful, responsible citizenship, we are forming the building blocks of strong civic culture—leading to a stronger democracy.

Citizen Redefined gives young people the chance to reflect, reckon, and redefine. Through the program, they will…

  • Reckon with moral tensions in American history and strengthen their own capacity for moral reflection.

  • Make sense of the current state of our democracy and define for themselves what it means to live with civic character.

  • Practice building civic power and take responsibility for the greater good.

We envision young people in all corners of the country deepening their civic character and flexing their civic muscles to build a nation that lives up to its creed: freedom, justice, and opportunity for all.

This summer, through a virtual immersive camp experience, Youth Revive has launched our newest program, Citizen Redefined. During the camp, students have the opportunity to interact with peers and facilitators via Zoom video calls.

This experience will encourage young people to explore this country’s promises, challenges, and opportunities; discern and articulate their questions, concerns, values and visions for society; and discover what civic morality means and requires in practice.

The more young people engage in the self-discovery and practices taught through this program, the more equipped and energized this rising generation will be to actively uphold and work towards the ideals that bind us together: freedom, justice, and opportunity for all.

Curriculum Structure

The curriculum comprises 12 modules, each dedicated to learning about, reflecting on, and practicing a core civic skill while exploring aspects of American history, democracy, and ideals. Here’s the topic and descriptions of 4 of the 12 modules:

Joining the Call
Hello? America on the Line.
Setting a context for the experience. Articulating aspirations for the United States. Reflecting on joining; becoming part of and participating in something necessary, and bigger than yourself?
Deep Listening
Curiosity on the Loose
Learning about ourselves and one another; deepening community. Building and reflecting on listening skills through curious listening and question-asking.
Argue How?


Building skills for arguing towards relationship, understanding, and transformation—rather than winning—through the Better Arguments framework. 

Practicing Power
Active Power
Applying power literacy to current community issues, and learning how to use and increase (“practice”) civic power.